Sunday, January 15, 2006

Light at the end of the dial-up tunnel

Quick update for the nerdy - my abysmal dial-up internet performance has been upgraded to "OK but it's still dial-up" thanks to the following:
  • disabling Windows auto update (my PC was downloading loads of Windows security patches without telling me, and that crippled my browsing and everything else
  • a comment from Evil Zen Scientist (aka Martin Buckley), who suggested I copy my GroupWise caching mailbox from my Linux laptop to the Windows one, then use caching/remote mode: thanks Martin, worked a treat. ...NB: I would have thought of this myself eventually... honest!

This is what the Evil Zen Scientist actually looks like (although not actual size)

Blimey, I'm almost back to my normal level of productivity!

.... Alright, who said, "Big deal" ?? :)

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