Friday, January 06, 2006

Links, updates & stuff

Blimey! 3rd posting in one day eh? You can tell I'm in "kid-with-a-new-toy mode" can't you? I bet it'll be like this - with several posts per day - for the first couple of weeks, then peter out to next to nothing once the novelty's worn off. Please don't let that happen - if I don't keep updating it, nag me!

Now that I've started this I feel I should have done it about three months ago, so that I could have captured all the build-up: preparations, thoughts etc. in the run up to the move. I'll probably give you a potted history of that anyway over the next few days.

You'll see a Links section on the right-hand side of the screen. I'll add useful stuff there as I encounter it. Take a look at the photos on the school's website if you have time, Elliot & Abigail are really looking forward to their first day (on Saturday 14th Jan).

That's really it for my first day of blogging. Back tomorrow no doubt.

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