Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time for a change of scene...

As-Salaam Alaikum! (Peace be with you!)

Riyadh High St. (don't know it's actual name yet)

If you know me you will already know that my family and I are moving to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Several of my friends and colleagues have asked me to keep them up to date with my adventures in the Middle East so I've set up this blog to record my experiences; I hope I'm able to keep you interested and entertained!

So, when - and more importantly - why are we going?

The answer to the first question's easy - we leave next Wednesday - January 11 - and will be living in Riyadh for two years. As to the why, well my wife, Karen, is a Crown Servant and is being posted to work at the
British Embassy in Riyadh, which is the capital of Saudi Arabia and more or less slap bang in the middle of the country (and the desert!). The Foreign & Commonwealth Office also has a consulate in Jeddah on the west coast and a British Trade Office in Al Kobar on the East coast.
It's a great achievement for Karen, as the FCO was her first real job on returning to work after raising the children and she's only been there just under two years, having graduated in International Studies with the OU before that.

Kingdom Tower

Right now we're still at home in Langley, getting our affairs in order before we fly out on the 11th - which also happens to be my birthday; nice birthday present!

I've got so much to tell you - about our preparations, what I've read about Saudi life and culture, the personalities and characters in our new social circle etc.etc., but I don't want to bore anyone with epic postings, so I'll stop this one now and save the rest for another day.

I'll try to post every day at first, and then each time something interesting happens - which I think may still be every day!

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