Sunday, January 08, 2006

More goodbyes, a big monkey, and the doghouse

Sorry for not posting yesterday but we were busy. As I said, the car went a couple of days ago so we've been getting re-acquanted with Shank's Pony and public transport. Encouraged by our walk to Laura's on Friday night, we walked into Langley to pick Abigail up from here friend's house (sleepover), and then we got the bus to Karen's Mum's in Harlington.

This hardship was short-lived however, as Mary (Karen's Mum) offered to lend us her car for a couple of days so we travelled home in (Ford Fiesta) style!

Spent a lovely evening saying goodbye to our friends Pete and Deborah last night, and this morning attended our last Mass at the local parish church and said goodbye to Father Kevin.

Then in the afternoon, the final trip to the cinema for Elliot and me, while Karen & Abigail went shopping. There are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia so we wanted to catch King Kong before we left. It was very good but an hour too long IMHO. I'll happily sit through 3 hours of Lord Of The Rings, but felt this one went on a bit unnecessarily. We came out of the cinema to find a cold, tired, and pissed off Karen and Abigail; I'd given Karen the car keys (Mary's remember) so that she could go home if they finished shopping before our 3-hour movie was finished, but Karen only realized when she'd got back home that I hadn't given her the house keys (on a separate ring, having recently been divorced from my car keys). She drove back to Staines to pick us up, but needless to say I was not popular and am still in suck-up mode as I write.

Got to go now - another farewell get-together tonight, this time with a neighbour.

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